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MCT eļļas pulveris (400 g)

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MCT Oil Powder from BalticVitamins provides you with energy, supports physical performance, starts weight loss and does not burden digestion.

MCT oil is a medium-chain fat, it does not store in the form of fat, but on the contrary is quickly absorbed. It is characterized by a number of positive qualities that will be appreciated especially by overweight people during a reduction diet or athletes to replenish the energy that can be used during training.

Our MCT oil powder contains:

  • C8: approx. 70%
  • C10: approx. 30%
  • C6: max 2%
  • C12: max 1%

You can also use MCT Oil powder as an ingredient in cooking, baking or preparing your favourite fitness drinks when they serve as a fast source of energy with reduced carbohydrate content.

MCT Oil Powder Benefits:

  • Powdered form of medium chain triglycerides
  • Easy and fast to digest
  • Excellent absorbability
  • Excellent source of energy


100 g

Enerģētiskā vērtība

3150kJ / 763kcal


73 g

tostarp piesātinātās taukskābes

73 g


15 g

tostarp cukuri

2.6 g




0.4 g


Vidējas ķēdes riekstu triglicerīdi (MCT), glikozes sīrups, piena olbaltumvielas, monoesteri un taukskābju diglicerīdi ar citronskābi.

Sajauciet 10 g ar proteīna dzērienu vai jebkuru citu dzērienu pēc saviem ieskatiem. Lietošanas ilgums – 1 mēnesis.