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Lohilo Functional Collagen Drink (24 x 330 ml)

by Lohilo
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A unique functional drink from Lohilo that contains 500 mg collagen per can!

  • Contains caffeine and hyaluronic acid; 

  • 100% sugar free;

  • 5,000 mg of collagen;

  • Contains vitamins and minerals.

You certainly know that your skin contains a substance like collagen, but did you know that one third of your body protein (70% of your skin) is collagen? This protein helps keep skin firm and supple while promoting joint and vascular health. You can promote collagen formation in the body both internally and externally by providing the body's cells with the necessary collagen for formation. 

Hyaluronic acid, despite its name, is not an acid, but a sugar molecule. In the body, hyaluronic acid binds with water to form a gel-like substance that acts as a moisturizing lubricant and a shock absorbing filler between the elastic fibers of the skin, collagen and elastin. It performs identical functions in your joints and muscle tissue. 

  • 5000mg Collagen:

A natural nutritional supplement that helps your muscles and skin be supple and firm so you always look bright, young and perfect!

The best part is that the collagen content in these drinks is perfect! Generally, collagen tablets, which can be found on every shelf of beauty products, contain about 100 mg of collagen per serving , compared to a whole 5000 mg of Lohilo functional collagen drink in a can !! Isn't it great?  

So why choose collagen? It is one of the best selling dietary supplements, although it is usually sold in the form of tablets. But who likes to take pills if they can have a drink that has so many positive qualities? 

  • 105mg of Caffeine:

You know for sure that caffeine drinks are always the best selling products! By boosting your concentration and energy levels, you can conquer all peaks, no matter what!

  • Hyaluronic acid:

Just don't be afraid of the name, our body's skin cells produce this "acid" naturally and it is a basic value in skin care! It has a lot of positive qualities, such as skin care, smoothness and, above all, moisturizing!

  • Vitamin C and Zinc:

You have certainly heard something about both, as Vitamin C and Zinc play a vital role in maintaining your body's health and performing its basic functions. Neither vitamin C nor zinc are produced in the body, so we have to take 100% daily food intake, but don't worry, we take care of it!

Nutrition Values
Nutrition per 100 ml to 330 ml

Energy value


of which saturates


of which sugar



Vitamin C


10 kcal / 25 kj







32mg 40% *

4mg 40%*








80mg 100%*

10mg 100%*

 * Recommended daily dose for adults.


Ingredients : carbonated water, collagen (bovine collagen of European Union origin), acidity regulators (citric acid E330, malic acid E296), hyaluronic acid (0.03%), flavoring, natural caffeine, zinc citrate, sweeteners (sucralose E955, acesulfame) coloring agent (anthocyanins of black carrot E163), preservatives (potassium sorbate E202, sodium benzoate E211).


Usage: We recommend consuming 1-3 cans a day. High caffeine content. Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women and people who are sensitive to caffeine (32mg / 100ml).